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47 Malaysian Illegal Workers Removed From Australia

Forty-seven Malaysians located working illegally mainly in regional Victoria have been flown home, Minister for Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs, Senator Amanda Vanstone, announced today.

‘My department’s compliance staff located these people over the past six to eight weeks, the majority of them were found working on farms in the Goulburn Valley,’ Minister Vanstone said.

‘The group of 34 men and 13 women had been detained while arrangements were made for their departure as required by law.

‘The group was removed on a charter flight to Kuala Lumpur, avoiding the necessity of prolonged detention while commercial seats were sought.

‘Given the large number, charter removal was a cost-effective option.

‘The success of operations such as this should send a strong message that the Government does not tolerate people living and working illegally in this country.’

In the 2003-04 financial year the department located over 20,000 people who had overstayed their visas or breached their visa conditions.

The Minister reminded people working in Australia without permission that if they were here illegally, it is not a matter of if, but when they would be caught.

People with information on illegal workers or visa overstayers should call the Immigration Dob-In Line on 1800 009 623.

Source - DIMIA Media Release

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