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Indian Students - Your Golden Chance to Participate in a 'Research on Indian Students in Australia'

Michiel Baas is a Dutch PhD student from the University of Amsterdam (Holland), who is doing research on Indian students in Melbourne, Australia. His research focuses on three questions:

- Why do Indian students come to Australia to study there ?

- What do their lives and lifestyles look like when they are studying in Australia ?

- What are their plans after graduation ?

From February 2005 Michiel Baas will be in Melbourne to meet, talk to and interview Indian students from different universities. At the moment he is trying to get in touch with Indian students who are either planning on going to, or who are already in, Australia. If students are concerned about confidentiality, there is no need for that. Although he will use the information for his research, he will never do so in connection with a person's name or give details so that a certain individual could be recognized by others.

Before Michiel Baas started doing his PhD he did a bachelor in International Management and worked for computer giant IBM for a couple of years. Then he did
his bachelor and master in cultural anthropology. His master thesis was on Indian IT professionals who live and work in Bangalore, India, where he lived for half a year in order to do research. You can contact Michiel Baas by mailing him on: